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Consulting and IT Innovations (CITI)

 CITI is a Georgia based company that specializes in IT consulting, software development and web-design. CITI identifies and integrates only the highest quality staff, consisting of diverse but complementary backgrounds from software development to business consulting. A key to success is CITI’s business model, which encompasses the provision of high level consulting services coupled with strong IT technical competencies. CITI´s staff have extensive experience in the development of complex countrywide health information management systems. 


MDi´s team working in close collaboration with CITI, previously developed and transferred to Government of Georgia (GoG), one of the most successful United States Government (USG) funded software developments projects completed in Georgia. During the multi-year project the CITI and MDi teams worked closely together to develop, deploy and support the country-wide Health Management Information System – “e-Health Georgia.” This system consists of more than 30 different components and covers all business processes in the health system. These range from management of medical service delivery to the administration of public funds and channeling financial transactions. “e-Health” has increased the ability of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs to make evidence-based management and policy decisions, improved the efficiency of the health system functions, and empowered citizens to make informed decisions about their healthcare. It was based upon the success of this program that enabled the GoG to successfully introduce the nation-wide Universal Healthcare Program. 


By offering a proven track record of successful collaboration between our firms, coupled with a clear understanding of the requirements and a passion for excellence, the MDi/CITI team is committed to delivering a successful project, on time and on budget. Below you can find information demonstrating required capabilities and relevant experience to perform the service as requested.